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Howdy All, and welcome to the site
This site is designed to allow people to view the bee mutation trees used within the following popular Minecraft mods:
>Forestry by Sengir
>ExtraBees by Binnie
>ThaumicBees by MysteriousAges
All content belongs to the authors of each bee's mod author.

This site is based on another site created by Plornt(?) which can be found here
(for as long as it remains available).

All code within this site was written by me with two notes:
> Some HTML Canvas code was adapted from here.
> The JQuery code used to add onclick events to the side bar is loosely adapted from Plornt's site here
I'd like to thank reddit user sunny-daze. Here bee guide and the master apiarist database were both incredibly helpful in my use of these mods, and allowed me to check and correct a few of my mistakes in the bee list. Thanks Sunny Daze!

If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please contact me on reddit. My user ID is tehlemmings

That's all I got. Thanks for stopping by everyone.
- tehlemming

Style sheet updates, bee production information, and a number of bug fixes and features are pending. Sorry!
Change Log
Change Log